Offer a familiar, Excel-like experience for aggregation of thousands of rows

Excel-like panel design

Offer users familiarity with the Excel-like pivot panel

Built for speed

Process and aggregate thousands of rows in milliseconds

Increase user productivity

Includes built-in save and load of views, along with asynchronous processing with progress bars and background work

Server-side OLAP support

Use the Web API on the server to add server-side support to OLAP. Requires ComponentOne Web API.

OLAP Features

Drag and drop pivot fields in the smart PivotPanel

Display Excel-like data summaries in PivotGrid

  • Manage large data sets easily with collapsible rows and column groups
  • Drill down into the data with the custom context menu
  • Export the grid to XLSX files
  • Grid extends and inherits FlexGrid, including custom cell feature
  • Extend your grid’s formatting with logical grouping for multiple date types
  • Group and manage data with subtotals

Visualize large data sets with PivotChart

  • Summarize data in multiple chart types, including column, bar, area, line, scatter, and pie
  • Convey the view structure with hierarchical axes
  • Contains both FlexChart and FlexPie and inherits from those Wijmo controls