Offer a familiar, Excel-like experience for aggregation of thousands of rows

Excel-like panel design

Offer users familiarity with the Excel-like pivot panel

Built for speed

Process and aggregate thousands of rows in milliseconds

Increase user productivity

Includes built-in save and load of views, along with asynchronous processing with progress bars and background work

Server-side OLAP support

Use the Web API on the server to add server-side support to OLAP. Requires ComponentOne Web API.

OLAP Features

Drag and drop pivot fields in the smart PivotPanel

  • Excel-like panel design feels familiar to users
  • Allows users to drag fields into “view” lists representing row, column, value, and filter
  • Save time with smart data interpretation—panel intelligently places fields
  • Use same field multiple times in Values, eg: Sales (total) and Sales (count)
  • Asynchronous processing provides progress bar and background work
  • Save user’s time with built-in save/load of views
  • Read more about creating basic pivot tables
  • See how to answer recurring questions with pre-defined views

JavaScript Pivot Panel

Display Excel-like data summaries in PivotGrid

  • Manage large data sets easily with collapsible rows and column groups
  • Drill down into the data with the custom context menu
  • Export the grid to XLSX files
  • Grid extends and inherits FlexGrid, including custom cell feature
  • Extend your grid’s formatting with logical grouping for multiple date types
  • Group and manage data with subtotals

JavaScript Pivot Grid

Visualize large data sets with PivotChart

  • Summarize data in multiple chart types, including column, bar, area, line, scatter, and pie
  • Convey the view structure with hierarchical axes
  • Contains both FlexChart and FlexPie and inherits from those Wijmo controls

JavaScript Pivot Panel

Commercial OEM and SaaS Licensing

If you want to use Wijmo to create your own commercially licensed SDK, or web application builder, choose the Commercial OEM license. Since use cases vary widely, Commercial OEM and SaaS licenses are customized for each customer.

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