Wijmo Build 5.20193.646 Available

Wijmo Build 5.20193.646 is now available. This build includes some big enhancements to our Vue and React support. We added validation to TransposedGrid and innerText option for creating donut charts and customizable clickAction to DropDown.

[Vue] Added wj-item-template component, which allows you to define items content as a Vue template (with an arbitrary HTML, custom components and bindings), for the item components like wj-list-box, wj-combo-box, wj-multi-select and wj-menu.

[Vue] Added wj-tab-panel/wj-tab components, which allow you to define TabPanel control content declaratively in Vue templates markup.

[React] Added TabPanel/Tab components, representing corresponding pure JS classes.

[React] Added tooltipContent and labelContent properties to all chart components.

[TransposedGrid] Added support for CollectionView.getError in TransposedGrid controls.

[FlexChart] Text at the center of pie/doughnut chart: new properties innerTextinnerTextStyle of FlexPie.

[DropDown] Added DropDown.clickAction property to customize click actions.

Improved saveFile method to handle large (>2M) files.

Improved applyTemplate method to handle templated formats in IE.

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