Deliver modern web apps and improve your productivity with tag helpers, scaffolders, and the most flexible UI controls available

Touch-first, flexible ASP.NET MVC data grid

FlexGrid puts control in your hands with built-in support for filtering, sorting, and editing data

50+ data visualization charts and tools

With financial charts, FlexChart, and gauges, you'll deliver stunning web apps in less time

Save time with scaffolders

Built-in scaffolders support code-free views

Power your apps with the Web API

With ComponentOne Studio Enterprise, you can combine ASP.NET MVC's OLAP with the Web API to create scalable, testable web apps and aggregate big data

Collaborate better with tag helpers and SignalR support

TagHelpers allow you to vastly improve the readability of your code; SignalR creates apps that allow users to collaborate and edit a web app simultaneously

Full ASP.NET Core 2.0, Visual Studio and Windows 10 Support

Seamless Visual Studio 2017 integration, and designed for the VS ecosystem. Fully supports Windows 10

What's New in 2017

  • Full support for ASP.NET Core 2.0. Get the bits here
  • FlexViewer for ASP.NET MVC now includes a PDF Viewer. Read more.
  • MultiAutoComplete launches, enabling users to search for and select multiple items from a drop-down. Read more.
  • New project templates include FlexGrid model binding, AJAX binding, and a spreadsheet
  • TreeView control launches, supporting hierarchical lists for your navigation. Read more
  • Users can instantiate the scaffolder from views to update a view with C1 MVC controls. This feature adds an MVC control to the existing view and updates corresponding controller.
  • MultiRow Data Grid control released in ComponentOne Studio and Ultimate. Read more.
  • OLAP for MVC launches
  • DataEngine for Web API launches. Try the Web API demo.
  • FlexViewer Mobile, a responsive MVC report viewer, released. Read more.

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