• Industry's fastest .NET data grids

    Industry-standard, lightning-fast FlexGrid and DataGrid components maximize customization in a .NET grid

  • Flexible UI controls for complete WPF apps

    Reduce developer overhead with extensive built-in feature sets, including flexible data binding

  • 50+ fast, extensible charts

    FlexChart includes 40+ chart types and a universal, easy-to-use API

  • Touch support for WPF apps

    Controls are touch-enabled and support in-app drag-and-drop

  • Modern Microsoft Office themes

    15+ built-in themes include Office 2016

  • Full Visual Studio and Windows 10 Support

    Seamless Visual Studio 2019 integration, and designed for the VS ecosystem. Also supports Windows 10

Get the WPF Demo Explorer

Get the WPF Demos

FlexChart Explorer includes hundreds of WPF charts and interactions

All of our WPF demos are included in a single downloadable desktop explorer. Demos include:

  • WPF Control Explorer
  • WPF Charts, Reports, and Financial Chart Explorers
  • Sales Dashboard App
  • Weather Chart
  • Currency Comparison
  • Stock Chart

Download Demo Explorer

What's New

New 2019 v3

New Version Targets .NET Framework 4.5.2 - The entire library of WPF controls has been moved to .NET Framework 4.5.2 as the new base version. Starting with the 2019 v3 release, the WPF Edition includes two versions: 4.0 and 4.5.2. We will continue to support .NET 4.0 for one more year, or longer if user demand is there.

Continued Support for .NET Core 3.0 - All WPF controls have been tested to support .NET Core 3.0. In this release, we've improved design-time support for WPF controls and they are now shipped as NuGet packages in addition to DLLs.

FlexGrid for WPF Enables More Column Freezing Scenarios - The new AllowFreezing property enables you, as the developer, to put column freezing into the hands of your end-users. Additionally, we've added a new sample for FlexGrid that shows how to enable column pinning using the existing API. The user may pin any column by clicking the pin icon in the column header. A pinned column is reordered to the left and made frozen.

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