• 80+ chart types

    From basic line chart variations to radar and polar charts, we're striving for full parity with Excel

  • Universal API

    FlexChart's intuitive shared object model allows you and your team to shorten your cross-platform learning curve

  • Small footprint

    FlexChart's assembly is less than 500 KB for WinForms, WPF, and UWP

  • Fast and high-performing

    Engineered for top performance, FlexChart won't slow down your business apps

  • Powerful native mobile charting

    Unless otherwise noted, all features and charts are also available for Xamarin native mobile

  • Flexible data binding

    Bind your charts to static arrays and dynamic lists from any data source

  • Pixel-perfect rendering

    With DirectX and GDI+ rendering in desktop and SVG in web, your charts have never looked better


Web Demos

ASP.NET MVC Control Explorer: Core | MVC

FlexChart 101: Core | MVC

FlexPie 101: Core | MVC


Based on ASP.NET technology, FlexChart can be hosted as part of HTTP services (ASP.NET Web API or RESTful).The client applications (HTML/JS, MVC, mobile or native) can call the web service for creating chart images through code and display and export thereafter. Read more

FlexChart for JavaScript is available in Wijmo.

Native Mobile Demos

iOS Demo: Download from the App Store

Android Demo: Download from Google Play

Windows 10 Demo: Download from the Microsoft Store



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What's New

ASP.NET MVC Pareto chart

ASP.NET MVC Pareto chart

Increase the readability of your chart with axis grouping! In hierarchical data--for instance, quarters in a fiscal year--grouped axis labels makes it much easier for users to read and analyze the data.

FlexChart now lets you manage overlapped data and axis labels for improved user experience. Auto-arranging of data labels can increase the readability of your charts and ensure that the user can see all the data. Overlapping axis labels include several options like Auto, Show, Trim, and Word Wrap.

The new Pareto chart has been added as a sample to WinForms, WPF, and UWP. Pareto is a special histogram chart with columns in descending order and a rising line that represents cumulative total percentage. Pareto charts makes it easier to analyze most signficant issues and prioritize corrective actions.

ASP.NET MVC features a GanttChart sample.

Custom legends allow you to include images and other custom text in your legends.

TreeMap now includes customizable node colors. Learn more

Plot arbitrary functions with custom functions in the YFunction Series and ParametricFunctionSeries. Available as a sample.

The new drilldown demo expands the feature's functionality. Learn more

FlexChart for Xamarin Updates

Xamarin.Forms, Xamarin.iOS, and Xamarin.Android now include full animation, and pan and zoom in the FlexChart.

Full animation, display range, scaling, scroll position, and pan and zoom are available in the Sunburst chart.

Full animation and pan and zoom are now available in FlexPie.

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